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Preparing for an interview can be quite a daunting task but remember that confidence is key, and the interviewer is only human, just like you and me. I have put together a few nuggets to help and support you with the interview process.

1. Research the company; It is important to understand the vision, goals and value of the company you are interviewing for. What are their vision and mission statements? What services and products do they offer? Who are they as a brand and company?

2. What is your USP? Think of it this way; every candidate being interviewed for this position will probably share similar skills and experience, relating to the role itself. It is important that you raise the bar and create your own story in order to sell yourself. What story are you telling to give yourself an edge over your competitors?

3. Understand the role you are interviewing for in detail and ensure you prepare examples that relate to the role in question.

4. Prepare real-life examples using the STAR technique. This could be anything from managing challenging stakeholders, handling pressure, delivering within a short timeline and so much more.

5. Prepare 3-4 questions that you would like to ask your interviewer. This could be anything from wanting to know their expectations of you in 3 months, to the size of the team you will be working with or managing.

I hope this helps

Tritek Team

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