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Considering a Career Change in the COVID19 Pandemic?

These current times during the COVID pandemic are stressful to say the least, leaving many of us not knowing where our lives may take us. With so many at risk of redundancies and businesses all over the UK facing closure, it has left many of us considering a change in career. 

While some business sectors have been truly struggling recently, there are others that have been thriving. One such sector is that of IT, especially with a focus on cyber security and artificial intelligence. With up to 45 success stories so far for the year, I can attest to the massive growth and demand that has presented itself in IT. In fact, it has been one our busiest periods yet!

Many of our candidates approach us and are worried as they have zero experience or skills when it comes to Project Management and Business Analysis in the IT realm. Many of our candidates this year have all wanted a career change and have chosen IT to move themselves forward. You would be amazed at how many of these candidates then go on to secure lead roles within companies. 

So, what can you do if you are considering a career change? Start out by assessing your situation, what is that you do not currently like about what you do, and what do you like? Noting down these can help you work out which fields may be of interest to you; use this time to also analyse your skills – what do you do really well and what areas do you struggle? Being honest with yourself here is key! COVID has opened up many opportunities for online training for people, so the areas in which you lack, you can always supplement with a course to help build those skills. 

Next, consider what interests you. Many of our candidates chose IT as a career change, not only because it is a sustainable sector, but because it interested them and they could see themselves thriving. Do you like the idea of responsibility, managing a team, asking questions, etc? Or, do you prefer someone doing this for you? Taking online personality tests to draw out exactly who you are is a great idea. You can then also use online tools to help aid you in finding career choices that suit your personality. Here are some useful links:

When you think you have found an area of interest, do not dive in headfirst! Instead, spend time researching this field. Look for opportunities that allow you a glimpse into what a certain role would be like; there are many training courses that allow you a taste of what is to come. Do not be afraid to ask questions of those around you who have experience in the field you are considering. Ask them about their typical daily role, their work-life balance and what skill-set they feel is most relevant to their role. Taking classes or courses that then build on the skillset you have found is relevant is a great way to build your CV and help get your foot into the door.

Change can feel scary for many people! We can sometimes settle with what is easy but does not necessarily satisfy us. Now is the perfect time to make a change, especially in the world of IT! I challenge you to ask yourself now, what is holding me back from achieving what I really want in life?

Tritek Team

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