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Meet Sam

I joined Tritek in 2019 and in 2020 I landed a role as a Digital Transformation Analyst.

I worked on two projects, both times as a deputy PM but I also got really involved with the business analyst functions within the projects so I could gain those skills as well. The first project was to deliver a Learning Management Software (LMS) platform for an educational company hoping to expand into online courses. The second project was LMS Omni-experience to improve the existing LMS site for Tritek. I took this opportunity to learn as much as I could, from requirement gathering to honing my analytical skills. Creating wireframes for clients so they could get a real understanding of what we hoping to deliver for them.

I am extremely grateful to Tritek for the opportunity to learn and get instant hands on experience. The ability to put the new concepts we had learnt into practice immediately with real clients is such an incredible model.

I’ve learnt a number of transferable skills that I could apply to both my entrepreneurial journey and traditional corporate life.

I encourage everyone to carry on watching the videos and joining Tritek. You will learn so much from your experience. A huge thank you to Adeshola and Bola for your knowledge, time and mentorship.