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Meet Jo

Tritek Testimonial

I joined the Tritek family in January 2019, I had previously worked in financial services and was looking to change my career as I was not seeing any career progression within this sector. My aspiration was to follow a career as a Business Analysis. During my journey at Tritek, I made strong relationships and good friends.

The platform is very robust, and I had access to a lot of resources, and I cannot thank Adeshola (CEO) enough for LMS, which helped me understand the world of a Business Analyst, how to conduct interviews. Once the Tritek Project I was working on was completed, I signed up to the mentoring scheme which help support me through the recruitment process.

I was always encouraged and supported by my mentor, Terry, who is always very hands on. My personal journey started in November 2019, and it wasn’t easy as I had 13 Interviews and, it was on my 14th Interview that I was successful. There were times I wanted to give up and this also had an impact on my confidence in several ways, however, at Tritek, I was always encouraged and supported by my mentor, Terry and CEO Adeshola, who are always helpful and helped me bring my confidence back and at one point Adeshola told me to keep going and that I am close to securing a role, her words came true .

The support I received from the Tritek family was great, especially from Adeshola ‘Mama Hawk’, who I cannot thank enough for her support and guidance and a big thank you for helping changing people’s lives, including mine. I now am looking forward to starting in my new career as a business analysis shortly.

Thanks very much Tritek!!! I will always remain a loyal supporter of the University of Tritek and will continue to recommend Tritek to anyone and everyone.