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Meet Deji


I was referred to Tritek March 2019 by an old friend I ran into. Came for taster session and registered. We got our project – Marvins- and all the learning began. Though we had issues with our PO, we kept on learning and at the execute stage I began applying for roles. To avoid discouragement, I ceased counting the interviews (from telephone to face to face).

Fast forward, I got a role at a Local Authority in August 2019 (wasn’t what I needed but a good place to learn). Fast forward again, the funding was cut, and I began to apply and landed a role few days ago.

I give God the glory and appreciate my wife and everyone that has been a blessing in one way of the other. Those who spoke words of faith, those who gave their CV,. I say thanks. Mama Hawk, thanks for the great platform. LMS was instructive.



  1. There is a job with your name on it.
  2. Apply pressure on yourself.
  3. Keep learning and you will discover the treasures in the knowledge.
  4. Know your relevant tools. (I remember I was asked in an interview HOW DO YOU MERGE CELLS IN EXCEL. I laughed and answered)
  5. That company A said no doesn’t mean B will say the same…
  6. Don’t isolate yourself. Be humble and learn.
  7. God’s faithful.

The learning just started o…….

Other doors will be opening soon…….