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Big congratulations to Ruth for securing a Project Manager role.

My name is Ruth. I joined Tritek in February 2023 and after the initial training, I was assigned to Project ERP-Warehouse and I was assigned as the Project Planner.

Amidst a really difficult schedule as I am based in Canada and I had to face the impact of a 6-hour time difference in the UK which meant that I struggled to join my team meetings and KSS. It took determination and dedication not to drop out of the project, and to continue to stay active in order to deliver on the assigned task on the project. The project was delivered successfully, and we also received commendations/awards from the program office. I am very grateful to my Project ERP-Warehouse teammates for their hard work and dedication. Also, the professional guidance we got from our PSA, Sonunam Laary and the BSA Okeyinfu Ajayi (Kay Kay) was very instrumental to the success of the project and I learnt a lot from them.

I started my job application journey in June 2023 after the project ended and between applying and interviewing for jobs, I referred to the fantastic resources on the LMS platform to develop myself on different topic areas and this was very helpful with my interviews. I was also connected to my mentor, Adebiyi and he gave me great support and advice that was helpful for my growth

As expected, the journey presented its fair share of obstacles, but through unwavering dedication, and perseverance, I have just secured a project manager role in a great we managed to reach our intended destination triumphantly.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr Adeshola Cole for providing this excellent platform that enabled me to grow professionally. I also want to express my gratitude to the entire Tritek team – David, Tokunbo and everyone.

Greetings from Canada, Ruth!