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Big congratulations to Sodeeq for securing a Project manager Role

In the midst of the stillness brought about by the pandemic, I found myself yearning for a more fulfilling career. My journey took an unexpected turn when my uncle introduced me to TRITEK, a transformative platform. Previously, I had been a customer service advisor at a retail company, but the desire to contribute more led me to explore the world of project management.

At TRITEK, I was assigned to a dynamic team called Project Tenacity, that proved to be a turning point in my career. As I navigated through challenges and opportunities, I discovered my latent leadership and collaboration skills flourishing. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of my team members enriched my understanding of effective management and collaboration across cultures.

The knowledge I gained from my experiences at TRITEK became a cornerstone in my pursuit of a new role. I was overjoyed to secure a position as a junior project manager, a testament to the skills I honed during my time with TRITEK. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the supportive individuals at TRITEK who guided me on this remarkable journey.

TRITEK isn’t just a platform; it’s a gateway to valuable experiences. It taught me the true essence of collaboration and management, empowering me to lead people from diverse backgrounds with confidence. In a world where remote work and cross-cultural interactions have become the norm, TRITEK stands as a beacon of knowledge, fostering growth and unity