Practical Work Experience

Our seasoned experts are able to help you transition through different career paths and provide the required mentoring and guidance needed for you to attain a specific personal or professional goal.

We order practical work experience with the ability to work on live projects from initiation through to execution. You will be given the opportunity to engage with cross-functional teams and experience agile, Prince2 and Scrum methodologies on real projects. You will engage with real clients, facilitate stand up meetings with developers and work at the programme level.

Course Price

Our prices offer a combined package of £850 for all the courses. Pay once and gain access to our Learning Management System for Project Management, Business analysis and PMO all-inclusive. SIGN UP NOW

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Learning Outcome
  1. Beat procrastination
  2. Effective work practices.
  3. Time management.
  4. Employ strategic thinking techniques.
  5. Discover effective stress busters.
  6. Re-assessing options and planning.

And many more…: